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T= he summary

T= he books by A.V. Ptoushenko

&= laquo; System paradigm of the Right »

The science has achieved impressing results. But it would be incorrect to carry it to all science. The successes natural and engineering science are conclusive. Howe= ver public sciences hardly deserve the similar attitude. While that in this sph= ere is more than the situations appropriate widespread saying«wanted as better, and it has turned out - as always!». That is from hands it is bad.

And business he= re in no individual "current" mistakes. The bases are erroneous habitual, settled. For example, the economic theory is based on completely unreasonab= le representations about a role and opportunities «of the free market», about accuracy and presence of such criteria as a total prod= uct, about efficiency of institute of loan percent, about utility of bank gamble. Politology operates with the perverted concepts, ignoring maxim by Bernard Shaw, not without the bases approving, that the essence which has announced politician, does not deserve a rank of the man. Sociologico-psichology does= not wish to depart from calloused of  Hippocrates-Pavlov representations about the man as about the one-dimensional determined syste= m. Will find few humanitarists, understanding essence of the system approach a= nd role systemanalysis  in public sphere - down to a little misunderstanding the conclusive fact, that unique alternative to the system approach can be only unsystematic approach.  Who is not enough in general heard= about the immortal theorem Hjodel, that is why does not realize, that tinkering in the own chosen area without attempt to realize it as a part by more common metasystem does not leave any chances effectively to decide the individual local problems. A little who realizes, that any reasoning which has been not based on the laws of formal logic, is a lie.

The businesses = in the theory of the Right are especially bad.&nb= sp; Here persistently teach  young generation in the basic history of the right settled concepts = and representations - not recognizing, that "defend", as a rule, - ra= ther unenviable substation. The theory of the right abounds habitual truisms, alogalities and errors.  First= of all, in radical areas - place of the state in a Society, parity of the Right and law, hierarchical structure of the Right, role of the intellectual righ= t, structure and functions of system of self-management. A little who reflects= on philosophy of the Right - today true jurisprudencer the connoisseur of the current legislations not ready and which are not venturing on any criticism= of the laws and system of their creation is considered.

The local analy= sis in separate areas of the Right, without the complex account of all communicati= ons and interactions with other subsystems of a Society, without attempt to fin= d an effective composition of the Right as uniform system, instead of as spontaneously usual isolated "branches", - any, even of the most individual problems, such approach to decide be not capable.

Therefore such = book - System paradigm of the Right - ever should appear.

It is clear, th= at many will accept it in bayonets. That has a lot of reasons. First there is not enough what narrow expert with pleasure recognizes itself as those. A human nature - everyone not clear and contradicting to habitual construction seco= ndly is those to carry on the account of nonsense of its author, but at all on l= acks of own education and thinking. And we, certainly, can not deny, that the elementary understanding of many rules of the considered book requires not = only certain efforts on the part of the reader, but also uncommon combination in= him of boldness and honesty allowing objectively to be released from for a long time of acquired doctrines and to look on habitual by untroubled eye.<= /o:p>

Clearly and tha= t will not bypass and without «of the factor Galileo». As fairly has noticed Eugeny Evtoushenko «The Scientist, classmate Galileo /He  was not sillier than Galileo / He = knew, that the Earth spins. / But he had family.». 

Sometimes speak= , that the majority can not be mistaken. Hardly it is fair. The majority considered long centuries the Earth flat, soul immortal, man - as a ring and  by the owner of creation, and heterodoxes burnt on fires. Hardly mankind will crawl out from caverns, if separate "mutants" would not think up fire, wheel and fire-arms. = Just majority can long and persistently be mistaken. 

Especially, if = there is also personal mercenary interest at preservation habitual and grinding «the status quo».

So it is necess= ary to recognize, that the criticized book is written not for the majority. But, certainly, and not for nowadays ruling "elite". Objectively it sh= ould bring significant  advantage t= o a Society. If it of the "cream of a society" will not roll up on ri= se above mentioned.

The book is use= ful already to  that the deep theo= retical principles are lead up in it, as a rule, to concrete practical conclusions = and recommendations. It contains detailed criticism of many unattractive partie= s of the modern Russian legislation and lawcreation, but also not only Russian - appreciably and world.

The composition= of the book is proved enough. As is known, the basic law of formal logic is the ru= le about necessity  of a apriori substantiation of methods of the proof - separately from the proved stateme= nts. Therefore quite fairly first two chapters of the book also are devoted to t= his. The third and fourth chapter contain the analysis of systems and phenomena determining today importance of development of the essentially new concept = of the right. An overall objective of research is the intellectual right. The author convincingly proves, that the intellectual property can not logically and should not legally be considered  as a small fragment of the civil code. In the book is shown, that the hierarchically intellectual right on the order is more important for a Soci= ety, than civil law.  As defines necessity of organization of an essentially new branch of the Right - intellectual right worth in system structure the rights higher all habitual civilistics.

Following the b= asic theoretical  systemanalysis principles, the author will carry out the proof of a role and place of the intellectual right during the analysis and optimization of structure of com= mon system of the Right. Such important subsystem of the intellectual right as = the Computer right is in details analyzed.&nbs= p;

The important p= roblems of the common theory of the right are solved by the author during the analy= sis of essentially new branch of a Science - Econologics.

The containing = results of researches of the author deserve of grave attention of the chapter of the book in the field of construction of the system concept of self-management = and quantitative estimation of moral harm.

The book contai= ns a little interesting and important for a Society of the appendices.

And it is diffi= cult to not agree with the generalized final conclusions of the author.  Really, to mankind threatens final degradation, if it will not change principles of management of a Society.  Correctly and that the bases for a choice by Russia habitual «western ways» on today as a minimum are badly proved.  Correctly, that the r= adical alteration is necessary (avoiding the discredited term "reorganization") theory of the right and state, economic theory, theory rational natureusing - at the appropriate alteration of system of ed= ucation, having selected at the state monopoly to it. The compulsory optimization of structure, functions, and ultimate goals credit-financial system - both in = Russia, and in all World is necessary.

And the detailed development created by the author system paradigm of the intellectual prope= rty and is necessary for all it for the general theory of the Right.=

Vice - president of the International Acade= my


Academy of problems of safety, defense and law-order,<= /span>

The doctor of engineering science, doctor of economic sciences,

The professor

Kaplun F.V.